Mental healthcare has never been more important.

Discover how virtual mental healthcare is meeting an unprecedented demand

Even before the global pandemic, mental health challenges were on the rise

Prior to the pandemic, the World Health Organization estimated that 1 in 4 people would experience a mental health challenge in their lifetime. In the United States, that number has now soared. In May, nearly half (47%) of survey respondents1 said their mental health had been negatively impacted by COVID-19. And that number is growing.

1 of 4 People

The crisis is real

$201 billion is spent on mental health in the United States annually, even before the pandemic2

46.6 million American adults (aged 18 or older) have some type of mental illness and 11.2 million have a debilitating mental illness3

70% of those with mental health conditions have a medical comorbidity4

In April, telehealth claims were up by 8,300% and the number one diagnosis was mental health5

Companies, healthcare organizations and leaders around the world have made this issue a top priority and are taking action to get people the help they need. That’s where Teladoc Health comes in.

The response

Consumers have embraced the virtual care experience. In a recent poll, two-thirds of respondents said the pandemic has increased their willingness to try telehealth, and virtual care interactions are predicted to exceed 1 billion in 2020.6 Most employees think their employers should provide virtual care benefits as an option.

How Teladoc Health is helping

Read the most recent press release on how Teladoc Health is making a difference.

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Organizations are making mental healthcare a priority

With configurable systems that support the greatest virtual care visit volume in the industry and with the highest clinical quality, Teladoc Health is a trusted partner to the world’s leading organizations—from employers of all sizes to health plans and healthcare providers.

Here are a few of their stories:

Painting a clear picture of mental health

See how virtual care is helping to meet the increasing demand for mental health.

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Interview with
Dr. Desreen Dudley

Listen as a licensed clinical psychologist and Teladoc Health Mental Health Care provider discusses the unprecedented rise in mental health challenges.

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Tips for mental wellness during times of uncertainty.

During these challenging times, we can all use help to remain productive. Download our new guide to mental health support at home.

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Jason’s story

Hear from a real member about his mental healthcare experience with Teladoc Health.

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Leveraging virtual care to meet increased demand for mental healthcare

Mental health conditions are among the leading causes of illness and disability, and COVID-19 has only made the situation more challenging. Learn how virtual access removes barriers to care and provides meaningful results.

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1Teladoc Health study, conducted by Leger, on the impacts of COVID-19 on mental health.
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